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Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for years, if you’re serious about learning bass guitar or sharpening your skills, the Teach Me Bass Guitar DVD series will teach you – no matter what your learning style. 90 day, money-back guarantee! Teach Me Bass Guitar DVDs are UNIVERSAL and work in ALL countries!

Here’s what one reviewer said about Teach Me Bass Guitar…

For years, there’s been a dearth of quality video-based bass guitar courses for new bassists available online. That all changed with the creation of Teach Me Bass Guitar , a best-selling course from The Learning Dock, a multimedia music education company.

Teach Me Bass Guitar is comprised of 10 full-length DVDs and 20 lessons that clock in at over 16 hours of bass instruction. This is by far the largest and most complete bass course we’ve seen to date. The course contains over a year’s worth of bass lessons, so this is not a bass program you’ll want to rush through. If you are able to master everything through lesson 10, you will already be a very competent bassist. Though the course was designed with beginners in mind, it doesn’t leave you there long. Intermediate bass players will find the course relevant to their development as well.

I’m going to spill the beans right off the bat… Teach Me Bass Guitar is the definitive A-Z bass guitar course on the market today and we highly recommend it. In addition to the accolades Teach Me Bass Guitar has garnered from the greater bass community, it has been the recipient of an AEGIS Video & Film production award in 2009 and a Telly Award.

Teach Me Bass Guitar is the most comprehensive bass course we’ve come across for the serious bassist. There’s no way you could get private lessons with someone of Roy’s caliber for anywhere close to the price tag Teach Me Bass Guitar goes for.  Add to the fact that innovations like the real time fretboard and live jam alongs make learning the bass easier and more enjoyable than ever before. TMBG will give you all the tools and information you need to play in pretty much and kind of situation you find yourself in. As their website says, all you have to do is provide the practice!

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