Automated Coupon Datafeeds are Preferred by Most Affiliate Deal Sites

If you are an affiliate marketer and run a coupon or deal site, then you are probably using one of the many ways to receive coupon codes from merchants via some type of automated feed.

Virtually all of the major affiliate networks offer some type of coupon datafeed, including Commission Junction’s Coupon-Only Offers RSS Feed, LinkShare’s LinkLocator, Shareasale’s Deal Database Feed, LinkConnector’s Coupon/Promotions Feed, eBay Enterprises’ RSS Feed, and AvantLink’s Dynamic Coupon Feed.

It’s pretty much an accepted fact that using coupon codes to promote a merchant is a proven-successful way for affiliates to boost clickthroughs and conversions — and ultimately, earn more commissions. And you don’t need to be a coupon site to promote coupon codes. Plenty of affiliate publishers include them in blog and Facebook posts and in their newsletters to subscribers. Typically, if you’re only going to feature a handful of coupon code deals, then one does not necessarily need to subscribe to some type of coupon datafeed. But if you do run a ‘deal site’ then some type of automated method to retrieve and update promotions is a must, since it can save you hundreds of man-hours.

However, using one of the feeds or API solutions from the large networks can be difficult to fully integrate into your website and to automate these activities. There are tech-savvy folks out there who are happy to help you with this challenge OR affiliates can utilize one of the tools available that will help you to fully automate the various Network feeds into your website.


I’m happy to highlight four tools that will help you to automate coupon code integration into your websites. Here’s my alphabetical list of these services. Please note, there are other similar services out there, but they do not appear to be active businesses judging by their lack of current news published on their websites, so I am not including these services here.

1. Coupilia — According to their website, Coupilia currently disseminates coupons from 6,994 merchants across 15 affiliate networks. “We are very selective in the merchants and networks we partner with and only offer quality merchants for our clients.” They currently offer two different subscription plans: Their Professional Plan which has a 14-day free trial, costs $499 per month and is valid for one URL. For rev-share or multiple domains, Coupilia asks that you contact them for custom pricing.
2. For Me To Coupon — This is one of the most popular coupon integration tools.  According to their website: “For Me To Coupon takes the hassle out of running an affiliate coupon or deal site. We spend thousands of hours each month testing, fixing, and categorizing coupons and links so you don’t have to. In addition to aggregating offers available through the networks, we also build deep links to sales and clearance, promotional shipping offers, and provide extensive data on every merchant we support.” They offer three subscriptions from $500 to $1499 per month and each has a free 30-day trial.
3. GoldenCAN — This long-standing tool is primarily focused on product feeds, but it also has a Coupon Integration™ option which “provides an opportunity for the affiliates to display thousands of online coupons, promotions and recent price drops for the products of their selected merchant(s). All these information will be available to their store with just a single line of code. This store can be created for single as well as multiple merchants. Different styles and display options are available that enhance the store functionality and visibility. For example you can create a store for coupons only, for price drop products only or even for both.”
4. PopShops – They have been around a long time and were purchased by Rakuten Marketing (owners of LinkShare) earlier this year. Originally focused on product feeds, Popshops also offers a “coupons and comparison shopping” solution.  Plans range from Free (with rev-share) to $59.99/month, with a 30-day free trial. LinkProfits has no referral relationship with Popshops, but we can offer readers a 10% off coupon for PopShops subscriptions by using the code: LINKPROFITS10

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Please note: I included Prosperent in the graphic, but upon further investigation it is felt their model is more similar to ad serving than it is to an automated coupon data feed service.

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