Deal Sites Key to Affiliate Program Success

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Have I got a deal for you!

Let’s face it, everybody loves a deal, and as you probably know, ‘deal sites’ are all the rage. But hold on a minute! Before you start pumping out ‘deals’ to all your affiliates, I suggest taking some time to develop a sound strategy.

As an affiliate program manager for several merchants, I am constantly pushing profit margins in order to generate more and more affiliate sales. However, pushing the margins does not mean giving away the store! And this is just one consideration…

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Thou Shall Help Thy Affiliate Partner

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Recently, an affiliate shared this termination e-mail he received with an affiliate manger’s discussion group:

Dear Lands’ End Affiliate,

We are sending this note to let you know that your site will soon be removed from the Lands’ End Affiliate Program.

You may recall that when we updated our affiliate offer last April, we included notice that affiliates with commissions of less than $250 per quarter are subject to removal from the Lands’ End Affiliate Program due to low activity.

We thank you for your interest in Lands’ End and wish you and your business the best.


The Lands’ End Affiliate Marketing Team

His posting resulted in a lively discussion centered on several key issues all program managers should consider.
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For the “Good and Welfare”? I Disagree!

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Affiliate marketing has undergone some pretty significant changes over the past year. The focus has shifted from merchant needs to the needs of affiliates. Solution providers, who once catered only to their merchant clients, have taken meaningful steps to provide their affiliates with the services they demand.

The number one affiliate concern is, and will always be, getting paid. I personally believe the situation has vastly improved. Still, there’s room for improvement and affiliates certainly need to know how to guard against exploitation. That’s why I wrote the following article, published on Refer-It: “How to Choose a ‘Good’ Affiliate Program and What to Do When You Get Involved With a ‘Bad’ One.”
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