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Last week, I attended AffiliateFORCE 2003. Some of you were there and most of you know about this great conference/networking event. Besides recommending everyone join iAfma and attend next year’s event, I came away from this year’s gathering with a few action items I’d like to share with you…

Each of these recommendations are aimed at improving the effectiveness of your affiliate partners – and your own marketing efforts as well. Please feel free to pass these along to your affiliates, they will surely thank you for letting them know how to be more successful.

First, although I knew about Ken Evoy’s Site Build It!, I never realized how powerful and economical this turnkey business building tool was. The Site Sell folks have bundled together literally everything you need to create a successful niche site that will rocket to the top of the search engines and will turn your personal interest into money in your pocket – quickly and easily.

Here is a partial list of services you get with Site Build It!: domain name registration, unlimited data transfer hosting, unlimited email accounts, point and click page building or upload your own HTML pages, statistics, click tracking and analysis, integrated affiliate program tracking, submission to search engines, web site analysis for search engine compatibility, tracking of search engine ‘spiders’,
search engine listing and ranking report, keyword research and brainstorm tools, link exchange service, and the list goes on. A couple of these features are due to be released in a few weeks. The cost is just $300 a year ($25/month) — many folks pay more than that just for hosting! Check it out for yourself:

The next opportunity is all about search engine optimization. This is such an important issue and if you’re like me, you’ve been suffering with information overload. This is why I was so pleased to learn about SEO guru, Sumantra Roy. What’s nice about his site is that he not only provides his own affordable and fully guaranteed service, but he also will take anyone by the hand and lead them, step-by-step through the complicated world of search engine optimization. His email course is free and posted on his site are several fresh and easy to understand how-to articles. He also has a lucrative affiliate program that pays from 10% to 30% (as high as $1,200 commission on a single purchase). Click here to learn more:

The good people from Kowabunga previewed Release 8 of MyAffiliateProgram at the conference and got a lot of us excited about this “bigger and better than ever” affiliate program solution. I encourage you to check out what `MyAP’ can do now:

By now, you may be wondering about the URLs I’ve included in this email. I’m using a really neat advanced cloaking technique service provided by a company attending the conference. It’s been proven that long links scream, “Make me money!” and are far less likely to be clicked. In fact, using this cloaking technique has consistently shown to increase click throughs by over 300%. Learn more here:
(watch how the address window never changes – pretty cool!)

Thanks again for subscribing to the LinkProfits Report. I hope you don’t mind the shameless promotion of these services, but I have found each to be most useful and I thought you or your affiliate partners may feel the same.

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