LinkProfits’ Jim Gribble to Speak at DMA:2011 Conference

Learn more about DMA:2011Last week, I was very pleased to learn I was selected to speak at this year’s Direct Marketing Association Conference to be held this October in Boston.

I am honored to be joined by Todd Farmer of PerformStreet Media and Carolyn Kmet of Groupon for our session that’s titled:

10 Successful E-commerce Affiliate Program Marketing Strategies

Presentation Summary:
Find out the most critical aspects involved with launching and managing a successful affiliate program and how to approach each aspect in the best way. Benefit from real-world examples and suggestions of specific resources to best help you implement the important strategies we will present.

The critical aspects will include the following:
1. Is an affiliate program a viable marketing channel for your ecommerce business? Just because affiliates are paid on a performance basis only, there are still investments required to start up, build, and manage an affiliate program. An affiliate program is not a panacea for a weak business concept. Your site needs to be successfully converting traffic to buyers before you consider an affiliate program.

2. Deciding on a CPS, CPL Affiliate Program and the differences between big “Retail Networks” and “CPA Networks”. When determining your Affiliate Marketing Strategy, what do you need to know about the different payout types, and the different types of affiliate networks?

3. Should you join one of the affiliate program networks or run a private/internal program?  “Choosing your solution”. Before launching your affiliate program, you need to decide the platform upon which you run it.  We discuss the differences between an inhouse solution, and choosing one of the available networks.

4. Establishing an affiliate compensation plan that is attractive, yet affordable. When setting affiliate commission rates, you need to determine the optimal rate that takes into consideration:  overall profitability, product profitability, lifetime customer value, competitor payouts, conversion rates, affiliate attraction, bonus tiers, attractive EPC, ‘room’ to secure desired relationships, credit affiliates with phone orders they refer, etc.

5. Choosing an Affiliate Manager or Outsourcing to an Agency, and incentivizing them, and supporting their efforts for maximum results. Who will run your affiliate program, and how will you pay them?  How will your company support the channel?  We discuss the elements important in ensuring a highly profitable affiliate program.

6. How to identify, approach and secure partnerships with desirable affiliates. Your affiliate program needs the best affiliates, and you need to be able to reach out to them and secure their participation.  We discuss the elements important in successful affiliate recruitment practices.

7. How to promote your Affiliate Program so desirable affiliates find you. In addition to your Affiliate Manager’s direct recruitment practices, Affiliates need to know about your program and apply.  We discuss how to publicize your affiliate program and entice quality affiliates to apply.

8. Segmenting your affiliate base so you can best serve their unique needs. Identify content and social networking affiliates, deal site affiliates, paid search affiliates, etc. so you can provide them with the support and marketing materials they use.)

9. Providing results-oriented marketing material for your affiliates. The marketing material you provide your affiliates must be perfect for each affiliate, and their promotional efforts on your behalf.  We discuss the variety of marketing material important for a successful affiliate program.

10. How to best promote through affiliate deal/coupon sites. Affiliates come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of the most popular affiliate types are the coupons / deals / incentive / loyalty sites.  We discuss how to leverage their reach and influence, while remaining profitable for you.

Here is some information about the conference, according to the Direct Marketing Association website:


Data. Integration. Engagement. Relationships. Real-Time. These are the hallmarks of DMA2011 – and what makes it the most relevant marketing event in the world.

At DMA2011, you – and 10,000 marketing peers from around the world – will find everything you need to develop and execute the real-time integrated marketing campaigns:

  • Learn how to effectively integrate multiple channels including social, search, mobile, print, email, and more
  • Understand what you need to leverage your data, determine cross-channel attribution and develop optimization strategies
  • Meet with hundreds of technological solutions providers representing all channels and processes to better integrate your campaigns and improve effectiveness
  • Network with thousands of peers, gurus, and thought leaders from 50+ countries to grow your contacts

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