How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

For the sake of being forthright, we all know the bottom line reasoning for anyone getting involved in affiliate marketing: money.  Of course, there are countless other benefits, but if you are just at the start of the game, you can probably see those dollar signs dangling before your eyes.  But in order to turn those dollar signs from a mirage to a miracle, there are a few things you need to do.

Affiliate marketing is broken down into two categories of people: affiliates and merchants.  But no matter which side of the coin you are on, the possibilities to make money beyond your wildest dreams are very much a potential reality.  A merchant can be described as someone online who has a specific product or service to sell.  Obviously, the more product’s you sell, the more money in your pocket.  And that is where the affiliate steps in.  It is their job to recommend your product through their own online avenues, such as blogs, websites and newsletters and convince their readers to purchase your product.  Once the transaction has gone through, the affiliate will collect a percentage of the final sale.  So, in the end, both parties come out on top.  The merchant increases their sales and the affiliate makes a few bucks.

But in order for this to work, merchants and affiliates need to work extremely closely.  Without one, the other will flop.  But if a merchant is succesfully paired up with an affiliate who stands behind their product and also understands the ins and outs of their particular business, then you are well on your way down the path of financial freedom.

However, the working relationship may not end up being fruitful if both ends of the spectrum don’t fully understand and believe in the product they are trying to sell.  From the affiliates point of view, recommending an inferior product to clients can be devastating for their reputation.  Since almost all of this type of work is completeted online, word about a bad recommendation can travel quickly and cover the whole world wide web in a matter of hours.  Therefore, it is important to only recommend a product that you legitimately would use in your own personal life.

As important as it is to learn techniques to use, it is equally important to discover techniques to avoid.  If you are on the affiliate side of things, the biggest mistake you can make it marketing too many products that aren’t connected to one another.  Your prospective clients will quickly be able to see that you are just trying to make a quick buck and don’t actually stand behind your recommendations.  This will in turn result in fewer sales and fewer customer referalls.  But if you stick to the same line of business, like for example recommending camping products on your outdoor living blog, your chances of success are much greater.

Whether you are an affiliate manager or a merchant, the bottom line to success in this field is hard work.  Especially in the beginning.  If you talk to anyone who has been succesful in this business, they will likely tell you that once they got started, their income rose while their hours of work decreased. This too can be your future as long as you play your cards right and put in some hard and dedicated work.

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