How Affiliates can Link to Any Page on

I’m often asked by affiliates how to link to specific pages on the Botanic Choice website. Here’s a simple way to link to any page on our site:

When you log into your account on Commission Junction and go to the Botanic Choice Get Links area, you have the ability to find existing links to a number of special pages/sections on, as well as all our individual product pages. For instance, you can link to our Weight Loss section or to our Thyroid Complex detail page using the links that are already available. Finding just what you want in our Get Links section can sometimes be tedious. An easy way to link to any page on our site is to use our “Deep Linking” link. Here are step-by-step instruction on how to use this handy link:

1. Determine the page on our site you want to refer traffic to. For example, say you want to link to our page that offer Opti Gold Vision Formula (pictured below). When you are on the page, copy the URL for that page. For our example, the URL is


2. If you have not yet done so, log into your CJ account and go to the Botanic Choice Get Links section. Find the text link with the title of “DIRECT LINKING!” (see the image below). Then click on Get HTML for that link.


3. When the new window pops up for the link, you will need to paste the desired landing page into the Destination URL box as indicated below. You will actually be replacing the URL that’s currently in the text box. Then click on Update Link Code in order to generate your special link.


You will see a whole new link in the bottom text box that contains your tracking code. The new URL for this example is:  The system adds your desired landing page in HTML form to the end of the tracking code. Please note that I put in a placeholder for where your CJ PID would go.

You can use this same technique with any Commission Junction Advertiser links that include this functionality. If you don’t see the Destination URL enabled for any of your Advertiser’s links, then ask your Affiliate Program Manager to check the box “Allow for Deep Linking” for the desired link, assuming they are open to allowing you to link to any of their pages. If you still have questions about deep linking, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Below is a store description you are welcome to publish on your site (be sure to use your affiliate links and not the links below):

For over 100 years Botanic Choice has been a leading provider of high-quality vitamins, nutritional supplements, natural beauty products, liquid extracts and herbal teas and homeopathic remedies. Since 1910, customers have trusted Botanic Choice for their health care needs.

We deliver superior quality and value. You can expect the freshest natural products available – the same quality or better than the more expensive national brands. Botanic Choice manufactures nutritional supplements and herbal remedies using rigorous quality control standards and strict guidelines in every health-giving product we sell. Our researchers monitor the latest nutritional and scientific advancements to develop the most effective, powerful vitamin formulas you will only find here, like Thyroid Complex, Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with Green Tea, Prostate 9 Complex, and Opti Gold Vision Formula.

All Botanic Choice purchases are backed by a money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% totally satisfied, simply return the unused portion for a full and prompt product refund. We are members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau and follow all compliance regulations for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as outlined by the FDA. Visit!

I’m here to help!

Please keep in mind, I’m here to help you promote Botanic Choice in the best way so you can maximize your earnings. So don’t hesitate to contact me anytime with your questions or comments — I want to hear from you.

The Botanic Choice affiliate program is managed by LinkProfits. Our valued affiliates earn 15% commissions, with easily attainable bonus levels that bump your monthly commission to 18% with just $200 in referred sales. We provide monthly coupon codes and a product catalog/datafeed to support your efforts.  Please click here to learn more about our Affiliate Program on the Commission Junction Network.

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