DMA2011 Big Success

Wrapping up here in Boston at the Direct Marketing Association Conference…

Approximately 10,000 delegates gathered from all over the world at the Boston Convention Center. The show was very well-run. There were hundreds of exhibitors and a number of informative educational sessions.

The session I ran about Affiliate Marketing was well-recieved. We had a nice group in attendance and I thought it went very well. I was told by my friends at dinner, “there were a lot of good questions and we were surprised to see how many people came up afterwards — we didn’t see that at other sessions.” — that was nice to hear.  Thanks Tina and Lynn — also for snapping the pics!

I’m most appreciative that Carolyn Kmet of Groupon and Todd Farmer of PerformStreet Media (pictured with me here) joined me for our presentation. They each made huge contributions to the session, both from a content perspective and for sharing the great passion they each have for affiliate marketing.

If you’d like a copy of our Powerpoint presentation “10 Successful E-Commerce Affiliate Program Marketing Strategies” please contact me and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

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