New Formula ‘Chalice’: Dr. Sears “Best I Ever Created as a Doctor”

Exciting news…Dr. Sears has just released his ultimate “Fountain of Youth” formula Chalice. Read about his tremendous health breakthrough in the press release below.

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World-renowned physician Al Sears, M.D., calls Chalice “the most exciting anti-aging breakthrough I’ve ever released at my clinic…and the best formula I’ve ever created as a doctor.” Chalice is based on a revolutionary new technology that gives you the power to control how well you age. Chalice works by slowing down the “time clocks” in your cells, to help each cell act younger, longer. It’s like a sip from the fountain of youth that’ll change the way you look and feel. Join our VIP program to save over 28% and get FREE Express Shipping! 


For Immediate Release

Dr. Al Sears, M.D. announces the discovery that leads you to the Fountain of Youth.

Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Dr. Al Sears, MD is releasing the newest addition to his Primal Force’s Anti-aging line-up. It’s called Chalice. This remarkable nutritional supplement, based on Dr. Sear’s understanding of telomeres and how they effectively control your genetic sequencing, is the first of its kind.

“I have to say, I’ve written more than a dozen books on natural healing. I’ve discovered hundreds more cures from around the world, and produced over a hundred healing formulas. Out of all those discoveries I’ve investigated, created and prescribed…This is the single best formula I’VE EVER CREATED AS A DOCTOR.”

You can compare it to sipping from the Fountain of Youth. It’s unlike anything else the world has to offer because it’s based on a discovery that actually won a Nobel Prize for medicine in 2009.

This scientific research is based on maintaining your telomeres. Telomeres are the tiny timekeepers in your DNA that control how fast your cells age. If you want them to act younger, you have to keep the telomeres longer. This ultimately keeps you living healthier longer.

That’s why Chalice is so amazing. It has 16 telomere supporting nutrients in every capsule. This gives your body more strength and stamina, improves your body and mind, and will help you feel and act younger. It truly is the best solution ever found to combat aging, because it allows you to help your body slow down the aging process at the cellular level.

If you want to make every cell in your body act younger, you need to experience Primal Force’s newest product- Chalice!


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Dr. Sears “Primal Force” Specials Released

PRIMAL FORCE targets the areas in your body that need help – the vital areas of your life vulnerable to the changes in our modern world. Problems with fat gain, heart health, inflammation, joint pains, sexual potency, mood, energy levels, mental health and more. We are committed to using the best science available to relocate and reacquaint you with the native nutrients you need for optimal health.

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Discover the Japanese Secret to longevity — the same secret that helps the Japanese live long, healthy lives without setting foot in a nursing home. Dr. Al Sears has developed a new formula that puts this secret to work for you, so you don’t have to worry about what ‘runs in your family’ as you age. His formula is called RES4, and it combines the four most powerful super-antioxidants that help your body stay young and vital. It’s a natural way to activate your longevity gene. Click to learn more!

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Wake up refreshed and feeling like yourself again with the doctor-designed herbal formula Native Rest. It includes a Jamaican herb that helps ease your worried mind to fight occasional sleeplessness. A natural nutrient blend helps reset your sleep cycle, and it works so quickly, you can take it right when you’re ready for bed. No daytime grogginess and no drain on your brain cells like you get from sleeping pills. Just the best night’s sleep of your life. Click to learn more!

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World-renowned physician Dr. Al Sears hears this all the time from other doctors: “You can’t increase sexual performance by taking a bunch of herbs… especially for the prostate!” But they don’t understand. Safeguarding your prostate is NOT about “boosting” sexual performance. It’s about keeping your prostate in a healthy, robust condition so that you CONTINUE to enjoy sex… and CONTINUE to feel like a real man. Dr. Sears developed Prosta-Vive to make it happen. Studies show the nutrients support urinary health. It also includes 4 minerals you must have for better sex. Click to learn more!

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If your energy, drive and ambition have tanked along with your love life… then fixing low testosterone, or what some doctors call ‘low T’, is only half the battle. There’s another piece to the puzzle that most guys — and doctors — miss. Adding that extra piece gives you more than just a temporary bump in energy. Dr. Al Sears, MD, developed a solution that gives you a boost of physical AND mental performance — Primal Max. It gives you the kind of swagger most men can only wish for. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click to learn more!

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If you can’t feel your CoQ10 working, you’re wasting your money. The awful truth is, most CoQ10 on the market is in a form your body can’t use. It never makes it into your cells where it can do the most good — and you don’t get the protection you need. That’s why Dr. Al Sears, MD, developed Accel — a powerful, usable form of CoQ10 that is 8 times more potent. You’re your heart and cells the support they need, and feel the difference for yourself. Click to learn more!

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If you want to lose weight, you can try spending hours at the gym — biking, running, sweating — or you can just try the secret ingredient in Primal Lean. It’s a formula designed by Dr. Al Sears to send the “I’m Full” signal to your brain, and help your body build muscle and drop fat. Try Primal Lean today — and if you don’t find yourself staring in the mirror at a leaner you, without being hungry, you’ll get your money back. Click to learn more!

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