Botanic Choice Now Managed by LinkProfits

It’s deja vu all over again! Several years ago, LinkProfits handled the launch of the Botanic Choice affiliate program on Commission Junction. We continued to manage the program for a couple years until it was moved in-house. Now…we’re back…and happy to announce that once more LinkProfits is managing this great program!

Botanic Choice has been providing natural herbal remedies, fresh herbs, spices and teas, and exclusive vitamin formulas since 1910. Founded as Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc., they have been leaders in the field of alternative natural health for 100 years. They  are members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau and they meet or exceed industry standards. Our high quality & excellent customer service have kept us in business for a century.

Generous Commissions with Easy to Reach Performance Incentives

Here’s your opportunity to partner with a company you can trust! The program pays a generous 15% commission with 45 Return Days. But affiliates can easily qualify for these great Performance Incentives:

When your monthly sales exceed $100, then your commission is increased to 15.75%.

When your monthly sales exceed $135, then your commission is increased to 16.50%.

When your monthly sales exceed $165, then your commission is increased to 17.25%.

When your monthly sales exceed just $200, then your commission is increased to 18%!

We issue new coupon codes and specials each month and are happy to provide exclusive/vanity codes for top coupon websites.

Our best-selling products are available in the CJ product datafeed – take advantage of the high customer interest in natural alternatives for weight loss, joint health, vision health & more and apply to this program now!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lose the Back Pain Affiliates Use Video to Promote Effectively

If you’re not yet utilizing this highly effective medium, I urge you to do so. Many affiliates of the Healthy Back Institutes’ Lose the Back Pain affiliate program are doing so.

So fire up that web-cam and make a video about your personal experience with our products. Post it to your website or blog, or send a link to your video in your email newsletters. I’m sure your personal message to your audience will be well received and will get people to act! Give it a try!

And feel free to get creative…check out the video below that was made by one of our partners, it’s really funny. Although back pain is typically no laughing matter, using humor is a great way to hold someone’s interest and maybe even generate some viral traffic. Enjoy this video!

We Have MANY Videos You Can Embed in Your Website or Blog!

If you’re a little camera shy, we have a large collection of videos on our YouTube channel that you’re welcome to use in conjunction with the promotion of our products. Check ’em out!


Below is a video that was made by one of our affiliates — watch it. It’s a great testimonial for our affiliate program. If you’re interested in making one, I’m happy to reward your efforts.  If I post your video about our affiliate program on our site or blog, I’ll cut you a check for $200!

About the Lose the Back Pain Affiliate Opportunity

The program’s InfusionSoft tracking hard-codes your referrals when their customer contact records are created. Therefore, you earn lifetime commissions on any lead you refer. Simply get your traffic to opt-in to our marketing by giving away one of our free back pain relief guides and that’s it. You’re done. You don’t have to worry about cookies being erased or whether you can do the follow up marketing yourself. We handle it for you.

Click here to apply to this great program. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.