Green Screen Wizard™ is a fun, yet powerful creative tool for virtually any photographer!

Visit Green Screen Wizard!Green Screen Wizard™ is a green screen replacement program that runs on PCs and MACs. The green screen software process starts by taking a photo of someone or something in front of a green backdrop. The photo with the green background is then loaded into Green Screen Wizard. A background photo is selected and the green in the photo is made transparent, causing the background image to shows through. Reality integration gives the final image the illusion that the person is standing in the background, not just pasted on it. Green Screen Wizard provides a new creative tool to help create great portraits, digital art or just some fun family photos. It is the next big thing in Digital Photography!

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Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Soundview offers three types of on-line subscriptions to their business book summaries.

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Outsourced TV Show Expected to Increase Biz for AskSunday

Part of the cast of Outsourced in its first season on NBC.

In less than two weeks, NBC will debut its new sitcom, Outsourced. Adapted from the hit movie of the same name, Outsourced is set in a Mumbai, India, call center, where an American novelties company has recently outsourced its order processing. A lone American, Todd Dempsy, played by Ben Rappaport, manages the call center and must explain American popular culture to his employees as he comes to understand Indian culture.

The expected popularity of the new show will undoubtedly spark interest in outsourcing in general and that’s why AskSunday, the world’s most award-winning Personal Assistant firm, is gearing up for a surge of growth. Since its launch nearly four years ago, the company has be featured by major media outlets such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, NBC’s Today Show, and The View as a much more cost effective way for individuals and small businesses to process work without adding staff.

The AskSunday Difference

While many virtual assistant firms offer support with only the most basic types of administrative tasks or are priced too high, AskSunday’s Dedicated Assistant service delivers a truly dedicated and skilled individual at a very attractive monthly fee. DA’s get to know the companies they support and can be trained to take on a wide variety of specialized tasks, including sales lead generation and contact information validation, social media management (updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), Internet research and data collection, Excel spreadsheet data analysis, initial screening interviews, PowerPoint presentation creation, supplier identification and verification, voice and click-to-chat customer service, phone answering, managing ongoing processes, and more.

AskSunday’s Affiliate Program — A Timely Opportunity

If you run a website or blog that attracts small or micro businesses, then the AskSunday Affiliate Program on Commission Junction (managed by LinkProfits) is an outstanding opportunity for you to earn substantial referral income.

AskSunday offers two service plans and affiliate compensation is unique to each plan:

1. Dedicated Assistant Program assigns one of our assistants to work especially for the client. This is a highly personalized, yet affordable service. The Dedicated Assistant Program is offered at various service levels and you’ll earn 30% of the signup fee for each of your paid referrals. These fees range from $149 to $849, so your corresponding commission will be from $45 to $255 for each of your referrals!

2. 24/7 Assistance Service gives busy people the resources of a 24/7 personal assistant, travel agent, and project assistant available via both email and telephone. We have various service levels and you’ll earn 20% or 40% of the first month’s sign-up fee for each of your paid referrals. So for the 90-day Silver at $97, your corresponding commission will be from $19.40 for each sign-up that becomes a paid account!

We hope you’ll join our active group of affiliate partners and of course, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.