My Personal Experience with LinkShare

The following is a chapter from: The Practical Guide to Creating and Managing a Profitable Affiliate Program Published by Neil Durrant of AffiliateAnnounce

I’ve been working with the LinkShare system since August 1999 when one of my clients asked me to start-up and manage his affiliate program. Since then, I launched my company, LinkProfits, through which I have now helped many more merchants get the most from their affiliate programs.

LinkShare provides the tools, but you must be pro-active

The sole reason I started LinkProfits was because I quickly learned that if I was to maximize my client’s program, the onus was on me, the program manager. The Account Executive was not there to pro-actively manage the program. I thought, “Now if this is my experience, then there must be many other merchants who are going to need the kind of help that I can provide.” – hence the birth, and subsequent success of LinkProfits. [Read more…]