101 Back Pain Relief Tricks Set for Big Push!

101BPTips_pdfThe new 101 Back Pain Relief Tricks has gone through its extensive testing and refining process and it’s now ready for launch!

And what better way to have our valued affiliate partners launch this new winner than with a big commission bump all next week!

That’s right, from midnight Sunday, October 9th, until Monday the 17th, we’ve increased the commission on this product from 50%/$8.50 per sale to 75%/$12.75 per referred sale. Plus we have some nice upsells with this offer that will increase your commissions even more!

“Secret” Roll-Out Performed Beyond Expectations!

You may have already seen sales in your affiliate area, as we’ve sold it to many of our customers. That’s because over the past month, we’ve been testing the heck out of it and improving conversions constantly. We didn’t want to have you promote this until we were sure we not only had a winner, but had also fine-tuned every aspect — we tested different copy, landing page styles, upsells, etc..

It converted very well to our own list and we then rolled it out secretly to a few of our partners to have them mail their list. The results have been awesome. The offer is converting nearly as well to non-back pain lists as it converted to ours.

Hot Promos are Ready for You to Use!


We have a nice selection of banners for you to use in promoting 101 Back Pain Relief Tricks. These have been loaded to your InfusionSoft account, but I’ve made it even easier for you by posting them on this page: http://www.losethebackpain.com/artwork/101-back-pain-relief-tricks.html

There are also several proven-effective email promotions available to you through your affiliate ‘back office’ as well.

More About the Lose the Back Pain Affiliate Opportunity

The program’s InfusionSoft tracking hard-codes your referrals when their customer contact records are created. Therefore, you earn lifetime commissions on any lead you refer. Simply get your traffic to opt-in to our marketing by giving away one of our free back pain relief guides and that’s it. You’re done. You don’t have to worry about cookies being erased or whether you can do the follow up marketing yourself. We handle it for you.

Click here to apply to this great program. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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